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  1. Notes: 602 / Há 1 ano  from dodsrike-deactivated20140501

    David Lynch - I’m Waiting Here feat Lykke Li.

  2. Notes: 31 / Há 1 ano  from exgf

    I belong to here

    Where no-one cares

    And no-one loves

    No light, no air to live in

    A place called “hate”

    The city of fear


    I play dead

    It stops the hurting

    I play dead

    And the hurt stops


    It’s sometimes just like sleeping

    Curling up inside my private tortures

    I nestle into pain

    Hug suffering

    Caress every ache


    I play dead

    It stops the hurting

    Björk - Play Dead

  3. Notes: 6 / Há 2 anos 

    Grimes - Genesis

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

  4. Notes: 20 / Há 2 anos 

    Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

  5. Notes: 16 / Há 2 anos  from bookmarklet
    What’s a king to a god?
    What’s a god to a non-believer?
    Who don’t believe in anything
    We make it out alive
    All right, all right
    No church in the wild

    No Church In The Wild by Jay-Z & Kanye West.


  6. Notes: 9 / Há 2 anos  from bookmarklet

    Woodkid - Run Boy Run


  7. Notes: 7 / Há 2 anos  from bookmarklet

    Woodkid - Iron



  8. Notes: 27 / Há 2 anos 

    I was looking for a breath of life;

    A little touch of heavenly light

    But all the choirs in my head sang no

    To get a dream of life again

    A little vision of the start at the end

    But all the choirs in my head sang no

    Whose side am I on?!

    Whose side am I?!

    Florence + The Machine - Breath Of Life

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

  9. Notes: 51 / Há 2 anos 

    Tomorrow i’ll be stronger, running colourful
    No longer just in black and white
    And i’m quite alright hiding tonight.

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

  10. Notes: 5 / Há 2 anos 

    The Gossip - Perfect World.

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

  11. Notes: 9 / Há 2 anos 

    Madonna - Girl Gone Wild

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

  12. Notes: 5 / Há 2 anos 

    Lana del Rey - Blue Jeans Music Vídeo.

    (Fonte: morefreakshow)

"The beautiful side of darkness"
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